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Pierre Chassang


Began Aikido with Tadashi ABE Sensei, the very first uchi deshi of the Founder of Aikido, who decides to establish himself on this continent.


When Tadashi ABE returns to Japan creates the European Cultural Aikido Association (ACEA) with several pioneers. This has been the origin of most national associations, in particular: ACFA(France), ACBA(Belgium), ANA(Italy), AGB(Great Britain), BBN(Netherlands), AA(Australia)

The Tokyo Aikikai officially recognises the ACEA as the single, central organisation responsible for the development of Aikido in Europe.

1958 - 1963

Studies under Mutsuharu NAKAZONO Sensei. Helps in establishing NORO Sensei in France.

Third Dan in Aikido.


Welcomes Nobuyoshi TAMURA Sensei as he alights from the boat in Marseille and in the years to come plays a very big part in making it possible for him to become established in France.

Key person in the development of Aikido under the French Cultural Aikido Association (ACFA). Work during these years to reconcile the different standards of Aikido in France.


Founder Member of the International Aikido Federation (FIA) of which he is Treasurer for several years.


The main french Aikido organisations unite under the National Aikido Union (UNA). Pierre CHASSANG represents the ACFA. The ACEA has a change of name becoming the European Aikido Federation. Pierre CHASSANG is President from 1981 to 1989.


French Aikido decides to leave the administrative supervision of the Judo Federation (FFJDA). Pierre CHASSANG is at the central figure in founding the French Free Aikido and Budo Federation (FFLAB) which later becomes (FFAB).


Awarded 6th Dan in Aikido by the Tokyo Aikikai.


Founder Member of the Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental association.


Pierre CHASSANG is the oldest teacher of Aikido who is still active in Europe.


Pierre CHASSANG is made chief technical adviser to Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental.

April 2013

Pierre sadly passed away. Please read the personal tribute from George Forbes Sensei.

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