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George Forbes

Shobu Aikido UK is pleased to announce that George Forbes has been awarded the rank of 6th Dan by M. Pierre Chassang. According to George Forbes; "This is the greatest honour that I have received especially as it is from Pierre who has been so influential in the development of Aikido in Europe. All of my personal Aikido is based upon his work and I am trying to the best of my ability to live up to his ideals".

George Forbes - an avid sports and fitness enthusiast - has been dedicated to the practice of Martial Arts for over 50 years. During this time he has studied:

  • Boxing and boxing training for approximately 12 months with Mr P Ryan;
  • Judo for over 5 years with Mr D Wrightwebb Sensei (6th Dan);
  • Aikido for over 45 years.

Throughout this time Mr Forbes has undertaken a quest for self-development, which has enabled him to capture a wealth of understanding and experience. Rather than being a closed individual studying a single art, Mr Forbes has tried to understand the principles behind many arts and use this knowledge to improve his own training and instil this in his students.

Because of this approach, Mr Forbes has accepted students who have practised different martial arts, and they have gained high grades in Aikido and still practise under his guidance.

Currently the President of the Shobu Aikido Federation, Mr Forbes is committed to the cultivation of relationships within the Shobu Federation and other federations and practitioners. Mr Forbes instructs 3 classes per week at the Shobu Aikido's Furness Club, and many other courses during the year throughout the country.

During these events he actively encourages the participation of all Aikidoka and Martial Artists to these venues.

His dedication to the study of Aikido has led Mr Forbes to travel throughout the world and practise with many senior instructors. In recent years Mr Forbes has undertaken further studies consisting of:

  • Reiki, he is now a Reiki Master.
  • Yoga
  • Homeopathy, postgraduate degree course and studying Chinese medicine.

Mr Forbes has said that they have aided him immensely in the study of Aikido's inner development.

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